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During the project, we have collected data for road networks near Albany, NY and Buffalo, NY.

Map Area Data

Albany Network Map Albany, NY Albany Network Map (pdf)
Albany Network Data (xlsx)

Buffalo Network Map Buffalo, NY Buffalo Network Map (pdf)
Buffalo Network Data (xlsx)


Agent-Based Simulation Model

Testing an agent-based simulation model based on a part of the Albany network data:

Data Sources

  1. US Census 2010
  2. Federal Highway Administration, Publications & Statistics
  3. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Statistics and Facts
  4. New York State Department of Transportation, Traffic Volume Data
  5. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administrator, Data & Statistics
  6. New York State Thruway Authority
  7. Greater Buffalo-Niagara Regional Transportation Council, Transportation Data Management System
  8. U.S. Hazardous Materials Report, Commodity Flow Survey, U.S. Census Bureau
  9. Hazmat Incidents Databases:



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